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Terms & Conditions

Have account questions?  Below is a list of important disclosures, all available in PDF format, outlining many of our policies and procedures.   

Deposit Accounts  
Our Rates and Service Charges
Member Service Agreement / Deposit Account Contract
Business Member Service Agreement / Business Deposit Account Contract
Funds Availability Disclosure
Notice of and Important Information About Overdraft Services and Fees
Your Responsibilities for Insufficient Funds & Overdrafts
Your Federally Insured Funds

Electronic Services including Online and Mobile Banking
Online Banking Agreement
Mobile Banking Agreement
Mobile Check Deposit Agreement
Digital Wallet Terms of Use
Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure
Business Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure
eSign Consent Notice

VISA Application & Rates Disclosure
VISA Account Agreement
VISA Business Account Agreement

VISA Rewards
Account Disclosures
   - VISA Rewards 9.9% Account Disclosure
   - VISA Rewards 14.9% Account Disclosure
   - VISA Rewards 15.9% Account Disclosure
   - VISA Rewards 17.9% Account Disclosure

VISA Cashback
Account Disclosures
   - VISA Cashback 14.9% Account Disclosures
   - VISA Cashback 15.9% Account Disclosures
   - VISA Cashback 17.9% Account Disclosures
   - VISA Cashback 20.9% Account Disclosures

VISA Low Rate
Account Disclosures
   - VISA Low Rate 7.9% Account Disclosure
   - VISA Low Rate 12.9% Account Disclosure
   - VISA Low Rate 14.9% Account Disclosure
   - VISA Low Rate 15.9% Account Disclosure

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

ECIP Policy
ECIP Related Excessive or Luxury Expenditures Policy

Please call us at (810)715-3542 or contact us with any questions.