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ELGA Education

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken ELGA Education online! We are proud to partner with several area schools to offer convenient, digital lessons and corresponding worksheets that are free to use in schools or at home. These videos teach kids money basics and the importance of saving for the future.

Check out our library of videos below!

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Videos and Supplemental Materials

What Is Money? How Can I Earn It?
PDF Worksheet for "What Is Money? How Can I Earn It?

Wants And Needs
PDF Worksheet for "Wants And Needs"

Growing Your Savings: Dividends
PDF Worksheet for "Growing Your Savings: Dividends"

Comparing Prices
PDF Worksheet for "Comparing Prices"

SMART Savings Goals
PDF Worksheet for "SMART Savings Goals"

Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards
PDF Worksheet for "Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards"

Saving Your Money
PDF Worksheet for "Saving Your Money"

Goods and Services
PDF Worksheet for "Goods and Services"

Money Marvel

Learn2Save at ELGA Credit Union

This certificate of deposit teaches young people the power of saving. Start teaching your children great saving habits today!

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