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Youth Accounts at ELGA Credit Union

Super Saver Club

Want your kids to learn the SUPERPOWER of saving? We've got just the thing! In the ELGA Credit Union Super Saver Club, kids can...

  • Earn one punch on their Super Saver Club Card each time they visit ELGA Credit Union or their School Credit Union and make a deposit!
  • Receive an "I Saved Today!" sticker for each deposit!
  • Choose from the Prize Box after four punches on their Super Saver Club Card!

Open a Super Saver Club Account online! Or, visit any ELGA Credit Union location.

The Super Saver Club

We’ve partnered with several local elementary schools to offer Deposit Days and Financial Education with our very own super hero, the Golden Guardian! Learn more here.

Learn2Save CD

This certificate of deposit teaches young people the power of saving. First, pick your goal - are you saving for a hoverboard, car, spring break, education, or some other goal? Contribute $250 to get it started, and make a plan to save regularly each week or month to reach your goal!

ELGA Learn 2 Save


  • 12 or 24 month terms available
  • The minimum balance to open is $250
  • Make unlimited deposits and watch your savings grow
  • Set up automatic transfers from an ELGA checking or savings account


  • Must be 25 or younger at open date
  • Penalty for early withdrawal

Visit our deposit rates page for current rates and terms