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Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness seminars are ready to meet you where you are financially and give you the tools to move forward from there.

The budgeting skills you gain help put money back into your budget and allow you to start working on your next big goal.

ELGA Credit Union promotes financial wellness by offering FREE Financial Fitness workshops located near our branch locations in Genesee and Lapeer Counties. Our seminars help move you forward on the best path for your specific circumstances.

Many of the seminars are built on skills learned, so attend as many as you can. You can jump in any time, and skip those that don't apply. You can attend your chosen session at any listed location.

If you would like our success coach to work with you one on one, paid time is available. You can choose to work on individual budgeting, meal planning, weighing out big financial decisions, and how to use the other tools taught in our seminars.

Seminar Series

  1. Survival at Home
  2. Feeding My Family Costs How Much?
  3. Pay Those Kids a Salary, it's Cheaper
  4. Gaming, Pay Me!
  5. Reverse Lotto
  6. Raining Money
  7. I Have a High School Junior/Senior
  8. College Bound
  9. New Wheels
  10. Opening the Door
  11. My Dream Vacation
  12. My Child Wants to Get Married
  13. Finale: Financial Freedom

Required: You must register for the session you want to attend

Please join us at these FREE Financial Fitness Seminars!

Feeding Your Family Costs How Much?
Friday, October 5th | 12 PM – 1 PM
ELGA Credit Union Administration Building
2305 S. Center Road
Burton, MI 48519

How much does it really cost to feed my family ? After this session, you will learn how to plan out your meals for the month. You will see your grocery budget shrink and your family will eat at home more. You will still get to dine out some days, but the cost won’t cause any stress because its already a part of your plan.

RSVP Required. RSVP online using this link .

Gaming, Pay Me!
Thursday, October 18th | 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
ELGA Credit Union Administration Building
2305 S. Center Road
Burton, MI 48519

So many places offer rewards, but it is difficult to grasp which ones really benefit the consumer. This seminar will show you how to be loyal to certain businesses to gain the rewards they are offering. You will also learn to use your smart phone to get points when shopping. The benefits of gaming are cash, gift cards, gas and more.

RSVP Required. RSVP online using this link .

Raining Money!
Monday, October 22nd | 1 PM – 2 PM
ELGA Credit Union Administration Building
2305 S. Center Road
Burton, MI 48519

When emergencies happen, we need to know we have the funds to cover them. Emergencies range from needing new tires on your car to a household repair. We all have expenses for which we didn’t budget and not having to pay for it on credit or run to a pay day cash advance store is the goal. Discussions include benefits of selling on different sites such as Ebay, Facebook county sales, Poshmark and Amazon. We also talk about the benefits of tax deductions for leftover unsold items.

RSVP Required. RSVP online using this link .

Pay Those Kids A Salary, It’s Cheaper!
Wednesday, October 24th | 2 PM – 3 PM
ELGA Credit Union Administration Building
2305 S. Center Road
Burton, MI 48519

Paying your kids a weekly allowance is so much cheaper than buying them things each time they ask for it. When you make them work for it, they appreciate it. When they have to pay for it themselves, they make better decisions. By helping your kids in this way, you will be serving them and their future spouse by teaching them important things when it really matters.

RSVP Required. RSVP online using this link .

If you'd like a copy of Seminar Catalog to view or share, download it here .

Medicare Workshops

Enrolling in Medicare or changing plans can be a daunting process and many are paying too much or on a plan that isn’t right for their needs.

Learn money saving tips, how to choose the right plan and much more at our Medicare 101 Workshops.

Your Local, Licensed Medicare Experts

Join the experts from Tyrone Carr & Associates at one of our free Medicare 101 Workshops where you’ll get all the facts before you enroll, like:

  • When to apply for Medicare
  • What Medicare covers
  • How to save money on your premium
  • How working past 65 affects Medicare
  • Medigap vs Medicare Advantage
  • & much more!

If you're ready to register, see our schedule of times and locations .  
or call (810)626-8000 to RSVP by phone.