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Skip-A-Pay Your Way!

Skip-A-Pay allows you to skip a loan payment to free up some cash for the holidays.

For $30 per qualifying* loan you can skip your loan payment. Or, redeem 3,700 Relationship Rewards Points to cover the fee. Check your Relationship Rewards points balance within Online or Mobile Banking.

Take advantage of this special offer by January 30th, 2021.

For further details or to skip your loan payment please call (810) 715-3542 or see any ELGA associate.


*TERMS: In order to be eligible to participate in the ELGA Credit Union Skip-A-Pay Program, your loan must have an open date prior to six months from today with no collection action pending. Skipping one or more payments will extend the term of your loan and interest will continue to accrue. You will continue to be responsible for the entire outstanding principal and interest of your loan and for making the monthly payments after the original maturity date until all principal and interest is paid in full. Your pledge of security shall remain in effect until the loan is fully repaid. Your next regular payment will be due on the scheduled payment due date of the following month. Credit life and/or credit disability insurance on the loan may not extend beyond the original maturity date of the loans. Check with your GAP insurance carrier to determine how Skip-A-Pay may affect your coverage. Real estate loans, credit cards or business loans are not eligible for this offer. Approval is not guaranteed. Request must be received by January 30th, 2021.