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Flip The Switch!

You have easy control over your ELGA Credit and Debit cards.

To access these options, log into the XpressLink Mobile App and choose Card Controls.

Your ELGA Credit and Debit cards will all appear here.

Temporarily block your credit or debit card at any time. Unblock your card when you are ready to swipe.

Clicking the toggle on the right will temporarily disable your card.

Please Note:
Reactiviation is not available during day-end processing which begins at approximately 8 pm EST and generally lasts four hours.

Card Management
Fig. 1
Card Management - Travel
Fig. 2
Card Management - Travel
Fig. 3

You can choose to modify several areas on each card (marked in yellow 1-4 Fig. 1):

  1. This is the same toggle as referenced above. When the toggle is in this position, the card is active. This option assumes you are temporarily disabling your card.
  2. You can set the card color that shows on your screen (does not effect future physical cards you receive) to help tell cards apart. The default is red.
  3. If you believe that the card has been permanently lost or stolen, please choose this option. You will not be able to use this card again after choosing this option. Contact us to reorder a new card.
  4. Choose Schedule Travel to let us know that your card may be used in places you don't normally use it. See more detail below.

To set your travel information, choose the date you are departing and when you are returning (Fig. 2).

Choose the travel destination by clicking the green plus sign. You may choose multiple locations.
Toggle the cards that you might use.
Finally, scroll to the bottom and enter your verification and then Save.

Please Note:
Debit Cards cannot be used for Credit transactions outside of the U.S.
Debit Cards can be used with your PIN.

From the main Control Cards screen, you can tap on the blue bar labeled Scheduled Travels to view and manage your trips.