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Financial Fitness

ELGA Credit Union promotes financial wellness by offering FREE Financial Fitness video workshops to members and non-members. Our videos are designed to meet you where you are financially and give you the tools to achieve financial success. All videos are designed and taught by ELGA’s award-winning Success Coach, Lori Hawk.

ELGA’s award-winning Success Coach, Lori Hawk

The budgeting skills gained will help put money back into your budget and allow you to start working on your next big goal. Many of the video workshops are built on skills learned, so watch as many as you can. You can jump in any time, and skip those that don't apply.

If you would like our Success Coach to work with you one-on-one, paid time is available. You can choose to work on individual budgeting, meal planning, weighing out big financial decisions, and how to use the other tools taught in our seminars. To inquire about a paid Success Coach session, email Lori Hawk at

Learn how Danny, an ELGA Credit Union member, achieved Financial Freedom by working with Lori on his finances in the video testimonial below:

Financial Fitness Video Series

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Credit Cards

Meal Planning

Monthly Budgeting

Monthly Budgeting

Monthly Budgeting

Save to Win

Preparing for College

First Time Homebuying

Elder Abuse

What's Addiction Costing You?


Wealth Building