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Chip Enabled VISA Cards

EMV Technology on ELGA Debit and Credit Cards

We know you have questions about the new chip enabled VISA cards. We have the answers for you!


When will I get my new debit or credit card?

Starting with cards that expire in October 2016, you will receive your new chip card when your current debit or credit card expires.  Your card number will be the same. 



What will the cards look like?

Debit Card Credit Card


What makes these cards safer?
Chip cards offer extra security which does not allow them to be duplicated, helping to reduce in-store fraud. 


What do I need to do differently?

Insert your card into the reader, chip side first facing up. The card will remain in the card reader for the duration of the transaction. The card reader will prompt you to leave the card in, and then remind you to remove it when it's done. If you swipe first, the reader will give you instructions to guide you to use the chip reader if it's enabled.


What if the merchant isn't set up for the new cards or the reader doesn't work?

Your card also has a magnetic stripe that allows you to swipe your card.


Continue to be diligent in protecting your card information.  As always, in cases of fraud your VISA card (with or without the chip) protects you through VISA’s Zero Liability Policy.  For additional online security we recommend signing up for VISA Checkout.  Visit www.visacheckout.com to learn more. 


Can I see how to use the card?



What happens if a retailer won't accept a signature?

Make sure that you know the PIN for your card. To change your PIN, call the number on the back of your card. Changes will take 2 business days before they work.


Wait...what am I supposed to call this feature?

The technology is called EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and it is a global standard.


The cards are referred to by many names, but they all mean the same thing

  • Chip Card (this is what ELGA calls it)
  • Smart Card
  • Smart-chip Card
  • Chip-enabled Smart Card
  • Chip-and-choice Card
  • EMV Smart Card
  • EMV Card

Where can I find out more about Chip Cards?

We recommend going straight to the source, VISA. Click this link to get answers to even more questions about the chip cards, how to use them, and how VISA continues to guarantee that you will not be responsible for fraud on your card.


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