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Reloadable VISA Cards

ELGA Reload Cards

Especially well-suited for travelers, teens, and college students. 

You are never stranded with our ELGA Reload Card.

Another convenient electronic payment option from ELGA Credit Union — a personalized and reloadable debit card — also known as a pre-paid debit card — called the ELGA Reload Card (AtiraReload).

  • Save money and use it instead of paying check-cashing fees, buying money orders and paying for money transfer services
  • Only spend what you have
  • Have a safe option to access your money
  • Use the reloadable card at any merchant that accepts VISA debit

Access your account online at www.ATIRAreload.com.

  • You will receive your card in the mail in 5-7 business days
  • After you receive your card, activate it by calling (866)466-0058 or by going online to www.ATIRAreload.com
  • Receive your PIN by calling (866)466-0058

More great features:

  • View Your Account Online
  • Get Text Message Alerts
  • Order up to 6 secondary cards. Funds are shared by all secondary card holders
  • Load money onto your card at any time
  • Active cards auto reissue after two years

Cards can be ordered at any branch, or by calling (810) 715-3542


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