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VISA Perks

Bonus Points: Earn bonus points each time you use your card.  Points can be used for gifts, gift cards, travel rewards or to save on your auto loan.  Points are easily tracked at www.elgarewards.com
VISA Rewards Online: Check out these Shopping Offers you can only get by using your Visa card.
Easy Payment Options: Easily set up monthly payments for automatic deductions from your ELGA savings or checking account.  Use XpressLink to view statements and make payments online. 
Safety and Security: Your card has zero liability against unauthorized purchases.
No Annual Fee: No membership or annual fees.
Free Balance Transfers: Pay off other higher rate credit cards and consolidate your payments into one card

Click the button below to access our easy-to-use, secure online VISA request for ELGA members
Online Loan Request

VISA Credit & Debit Cards

Lost or Stolen Credit Card call (800)682-6075
or www.reportmycards.com
Outside US and Canada (206)352-3482 collect

Customer Service (810)715-3542
Decline Line for information on a declined transaction call:
or Outside US and Canada (206)352-4954 collect

Card Activation (800)411-6390 or www.activatemycards.com
PIN Change (877)746-6746

Click here for VISA Agreement (PDF) or VISA Disclosure (PDF)