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Welcome to ELGA Credit Union's Secure Message Center. 


At ELGA, we have responded to the need for a fast, efficient and secure method of corresponding with our members and business associates.  This service offers full email and attachment encryption for safe, secure email communication. 


There is no software to install!  Simply create an account.  This will allow you to read and reply securely. 


Click Here for a printable step by step explanation of the process.


FAQ on the Secure Message Center

Why is ELGA Credit Union sending me a secure message? Protecting customer privacy and data is a priority concern at ELGA Credit Union.  We use the ELGA Credit Union Secure Message Center to give our members and business associates a safe, quick, and secure way to email personal data (like account numbers and balance information).


What is Secure Email? Secure Message Center uses email encryption to safely transmit the email's content across the Internet. Email encryption is similar to a letter being placed into an envelope and sealed. We scramble the information inside the email (attachments also) and send it. We unseal (Recipient has a software encryption key) that allows only the intended receiver to open the message.


Do I need any special software to view Secure Messages sent by ELGA Credit Union? No, Secure Message Center uses a combination of email (any email client works) and HTML (stuff web pages are made from). So if you have email of any kind and surf the Internet you have all you need to use the Secure Message Center.


Will I have a Username and Password to open Secure Messages? Yes, but only a password is needed to open the message. Your username is pulled from your email address when you enrolled.


What if I forget my Password? Use the Forgot Password link when you attempt to open the secure message. The process will require you to answer your secure question to reset the password.


Can I send a Secure Message to ELGA Credit Union? Yes, login at https://res.cisco.com/websafe/pxenroll  to send secure email.


Can I reply securely to an email from ELGA Credit Union? Yes, by simply selecting the reply button inside the email on the recipient's browser, the reply back to a ELGA Credit Union email address will be encrypted. Recipients that forward these emails to others outside of the ELGA Credit Union system will not be able to open them.


Can I send/receive attachments through a Secure Email? Yes, the body of the email and all attachments are encrypted.


What size of attachment can I send? 2MB is the general size limit. A policy is in place within ELGA Credit Unio restricting users to a send and receive max of 2MB per email.


What kind of email encryption is used in Secure Message Center emails? We use 128 bit triple DES encryption.


Can I forward the Secure Message to someone other than ELGA Credit Union? Yes, however, it will require your password to open the Secure Message. The sharing of passwords is not recommended.


Will I be able to save an encrypted attachment on my computer unencrypted? Yes, after entering your password open the attachment and save it to your computer's hard drive. The email will all ways remain encrypted and require you to enter your password every time you open it.

Can I change my password? Yes, select the Forgot Password link and answer your secure questions toreset change your password.


Any precautions in sending encrypted emails? Yes. DO NOT include confidential data in the subject line. The subject line is not encrypted in any case.


How does the Secure Message System work?  There are several options for the secure message center user. 


Option 1: You receive your first Secure message in your email in-box telling you that you have a secure message waiting. You will need to follow the instructions on the email to access our Secure Message Center web site in your browser. If this is your first time, you will need to go through the registration process to create an account.  During the registration process, you will be asked to supply a password, a verification challenge phrase as well as an answer to the phrase. Once the registration process is completed, close all of the  registration windows and you will now be able to log into our secure message center and read you secure message.


Option 2: You are already a valid Secure Message Center user and you receive an encrypted message. Someone at ELGA Credit Union has sent you an email. It will show up in your email in-box telling you that you have a secure message waiting. You will need to follow the instructions on the email to access our Secure Message Center web site in your browser. Enter your complete email address and password to log into our Secure Message Center. You will now be able to read your secure message.


Option 3: You want to send us a secure email and you have a valid Secure Message Center account. From https://res.cisco.com/websafe/pxenroll, you can log in to send secure email.


What can I use as my Username and Password? Any valid and complete email address can be used as your username. Example:sample@aol.com Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain both letters and numbers. The password is case sensitive (upper-case letters are not the same as lower-case letters.

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